About Mahanubhav Panth

The present peaceful life can coexist with attempt to attain Moksha after this life .Mahanubhav Panth has both Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and Brahmvidhya Shastra as it’s two major scriptures and believes in this cohesive approach to life .It believes that with emphasis on proper actions and right conduct in current life, we can attain both the targets. .

Mahanubhav Panth was founded around 800 years ago in Maharashtra by Bhagavan SriChakradhar Swami ji. The religious condition in Maharashtra at that time was very deplorable. There was a dominance of ancient and outdated line of thought and a ritual based strict life style.

In such a situation emerged Bhagavan SriChakradhar Swami Ji’s philosophy which formed the basis of Mahanubhav Panth. Masses whole heartedly welcomed such philosophy and started coming to Swami Ji’s. Among his disciples were devotees like Acaraya Nagdev ji, Acaraya Mahimbhatt ji, Mahadaisaji, etc. Those who followed his teachings were exceptionally highly learned scholars like Acaraya Keshav Vyas Suri, Acaraya Bhaskar Bhatt Borikar, Acaraya Damodar Pandit, Acaraya Parshuram Vyas etc., who led a very simple and a sacred life.

Some Characteristics of this Blessed Panth

1. It’s an Ishwar Bhakti based path of Devotion.
2.It’s a creation of God’s Incarnate .It’s an Ishwar Bhakti sect.
3. Gyan is the starting point of devotion.
4. Before worshipping gyan is necessary, so the first aim should be to acquaint oneself with the true gyan of both Scriptures, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and Brahmavidya Shastra .This sect trusts these two granths as it’s a direct Paravani.
5.Gyan based conduct.
6. This dharma gives more importance to gyan based conduct rather than mere gyan.
7. It believes in Dwaitism, duality of God and living beings.
8. Believes in Four eternal and independent elements.(jeev, devta, prapanch and Ishwar)
9. Non-discrimination of any caste, creed etc.

3 corner stones of conduct
1. Sewadasya.
2. Daan.
3. Ahinsa.

4 saadhans of worship
1. Sthan.
2. Prasaad.
3. Vaasnik.
4. Bhikshuk.

Mahanubhavs are exceptionally fortunate to have access to two most holy sources of Godly Knowledge i.e SriKrishna’s Srimad Bhagavad Geeta and SriChakradhar Swamiji’s Brahmavidya Shastra.

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